Cosplay Super-Post!!!!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for sticking with us through our short vacation. To welcome everyone back to the nerdness I have a Cosplay Super-Post thanks to!

**click the picture to go to the articles to see the rest of the pictures**

First up we have some awesome cosplayers from Otakon which self-described as a “celebration of anime, manga and all facets of Asian pop culture”. Sounds like my kind of place!


Next up we have an set of pictures dedicated to the original female bad-ass, Samus Aran! When this character first took off her helmet in the NES game Metroid as a secret ending people didn’t know she was a she because she kicked so much butt.


Any fan of Dead or Alive will recognize our next Cosplay gallery. That’s right the next set is dedicated to Kasumi. Kasumi is one of the most popular characters in the Dead or Alive video games, not to mention one of the best looking!


Last but certainly not least we have some Warhammer 40k, Raiden from Metal Gear Rising Connor from Assassin’s Creed III and some Cosplayers from my own heart, two, count ‘em TWO Mass Effect ladies! Oh yeah and something special for Marshal.


Enjoy everyone, we’re gonna have a new episode up this weekend!

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