More Hot Cosplay Chicks!

As promised in Episode 12.0, I have some more cosplay for everyone. Today’s gallery has a giant (47!) set of Rikku cosplayers.



47 Hot Rikku Cosplay Chicks

For those that don’t know Rikku was a character from Final Fantasy X (10) and X-2 (10 – 2). She’s generally spunky, light hearted and good natured, though sometimes a bit of a ditzy character, she adds a much needed uplifting personality in the deeper parts of the story line in both games. Rarely down in the dumps she always strives to see the best in situations.

The most common costume people use to cosplay Rikku is her X-2 outfit, which is most likely easier to put together than the one she wore in X, not to mention more revealing (never a bad thing).

More posts to come!

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