14 – NERDITRONICS – NERD WARS – Star Trek vs Star Wars


Intel: Windows 8 Is Being Released Before It’s Ready

Jamie Condliffe

Sep 26, 2012 6:38 AM


Permanent quartz glass data storage announced by Hitachi, could hit market by 2015

By Steve Dent

Sep 26th 2012


Google’s Self Driving Cars Hit The Streets In California

By Roland Hutchinson

26th September 2012


Rover finds evidence of ancient water on Mars

By Elizabeth Landau

September 28, 2012


Apple CEO apologizes for Maps flaws, recommends rivals

By Poornima Gupta

Sep 28, 2012


Artificially Intelligent Gamer Bots Convince Judges They're More Human Than Humans

By Rebecca Boyle

Sept 28, 2012


Feature topic -

Nerd Wars

Star Trek vs Star Wars

Show Wrap-up -

Dude breaks the computer and pees himself


2 thoughts on “14 – NERDITRONICS – NERD WARS – Star Trek vs Star Wars

  1. Marshall, while I respect your opinions on Star Trek you have it backwards about Star Wars. I am a fan of both, Star Trek and Star Wars. I have to say Star Wars has better story line and better characters. Star Wars is the battle between good and evil. The tale of galactic conflict and rebellion. The story is more in line with human behavior. Star Trek is the ideal future if humanity can pull itself out of a constant state of inter-species conflict. Which I doubt will happen for an extremely long time.

    Oh and the line from Star Trek is, “Is there a Jon Luck Picard here?” -Q (holding a bouquet of flowers).

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