Zynga Hires Former Xbox Head

That’s right folks, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division is now the CEO of all your favorite Facebook games. Don Mattrick was recruited by Zynga founder Mark Pincus personally.

Now Pincus will still be the chairman, chief product officer and controls 61% of the stock thanks to a two-tiered stock structure. Which brings up the questions who will really be in control of the company?

Well according to Reuters, Mattrick will be in charge of the day to day business and green-lighting new games.

My biggest question is the timing of everything, it may just be me, but it seems a little odd that he leaves this close after the pounding Microsoft and the Xbox took at E3. Is he really “leaving” or is he being forced to leave?

Also, what happens with Microsoft’s Xbox division? Some are saying that Steve Ballmer wants to create a “Devices” division that may include Xbox, Surface Tablets and maybe the Phones divisions.

For more info check out the article on Reuters.

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