PlayStation 4 Release Date One Month Before Xbox One? has an article that talks about the rumors going around that the PS4 will launch October 21st, 2013. If true this could be a big move by Sony.

A “mod-verified” poster on neoGAF stated that he works with a retail background privy to release dates, so they can get their instore merch plans setup. He noted that in a recent internal memo they had an “unknown Sony Console” launching on Oct 21st. And that in the recent past new consoles were labeled as such, also noted that if a release date has not been confirmed from the manufacturer it simply lists TBA.

Keep in mind this is only a rumor, however if it turns out to be true it could be a big move for Sony, as they’ll have a full month to restock supplies for Black Friday, after the pre-orders and first day buyers get theirs.

Most likely we’ll get confirmation of this, true or not, at Gamescom next week.

Check out the full article at

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