Xbox One “Global” Launch Not So Global After All reports that Microsoft has announced that the number of countries that will get the Xbox One at launch is down to 13 from the originally announced 21. That’s a sizable drop in countries. Microsoft says it’s “in order to meet demand” now that may or may not be true, but many people are adding this to the list of statements trumpeted at E3 that Microsoft has reversed course on. Those 8 countries that were promised the November launch date will have to wait until “sometime 2014″ to get their consoles.

Here are the list of countries that are still getting the Xbox One, for now:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • New Zealand

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PlayStation 4 Release Date One Month Before Xbox One? has an article that talks about the rumors going around that the PS4 will launch October 21st, 2013. If true this could be a big move by Sony.

A “mod-verified” poster on neoGAF stated that he works with a retail background privy to release dates, so they can get their instore merch plans setup. He noted that in a recent internal memo they had an “unknown Sony Console” launching on Oct 21st. And that in the recent past new consoles were labeled as such, also noted that if a release date has not been confirmed from the manufacturer it simply lists TBA.

Keep in mind this is only a rumor, however if it turns out to be true it could be a big move for Sony, as they’ll have a full month to restock supplies for Black Friday, after the pre-orders and first day buyers get theirs.

Most likely we’ll get confirmation of this, true or not, at Gamescom next week.

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Nintendo Posts Record Low During Earnings Reports

A couple weeks ago Nintendo, the once mighty console maker, posted incredibly low sales for the 3 month period ending July 30th. They reported only selling 160,000 Wii U’s. To put that in perspective the seven year old Wii was reported to sell 210,000, out pacing the Wii U by 50,000 units.

Summer quarter is generally a slow period for console sales and video games in general. Unless of course you work for Valve and get tons of cash from the Steam Summer Sale from saps like me! However, 160,000 shows a drop of 60% from the previous quarter.

What does this mean for Nintendo? If they don’t turn around the poor sales of the Wii U, does Nintendo do the unthinkable and follow Sega? Becoming a software company and make games for Sony and Microsoft’s consoles? Or do they just live off their handhelds?

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Final Fantasy Fans Upset at Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns

That’s right, Final Fantasy fans are expressing their displeasure, some extreme displeasure, at Square Enix. All because in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII sequel subtitled Lightning Returns, Lightning returns with a new set of boobs. Wait what???

So, I guess the director of FFXIII:LR (Sadly that’s the title abbreviated, kind of silly isn’t it?) thought that what the game really needed compared to the first Final Fantasy XIII was bigger boobs. Not you know… fixing the gripes that people had, which they are supposed to have done as too by the way.

Now Lightning was a very strong character in the first one, granted a little bitchy, but that’s the way she was. Honestly I’m reserving judgement on this until I play the game, if it’s just a boob job from C to D I don’t see the big deal unless they turned the character into a ditz or something. article for the picture and links to more details.

Final Fantasy VII Letters

Now as has been made very clear numerous times, I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series. One of my, and many many others’, favorite games in the series was Final Fantasy VII. Now I’ve written about this before on this very blog, so I won’t go into details on my opinions.

In a recent trek into the dark jungle that is the Internet I ran across “The Final Fantasy VII Letters” by Kirk Hamilton and Leigh Alexander. The basis of this 10 part series is that Kirk had never played Final Fantasy, and Leigh was a devout Final Fantasy VII player. She was interested if her love of the game was because it was a great game, or if she thought it was a great because she loved it.

Because of this, she used Kirk as a guinea pig. He had never played the game and wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. So he started playing, she began playing again and they wrote letters to each other detailing various points of their shared adventure. The entire time they were trying to pinpoint exactly why Final Fantasy VII has been the root of so much adoration, so much venom by the anti-fans. Just why has this single game resonated both for good, and for ill, more than most any other game of it’s type, age and some say any game ever?

I urge everyone to read this, even if you’ve never played Final Fantasy VII, or any Final Fantasy game. Even if you think they’re stupid, because no matter what we think, this game has gone down in history, it’s still helping define the JRPG genre.

Check out the Final Fantasy VII Letters.



Zynga Hires Former Xbox Head

That’s right folks, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division is now the CEO of all your favorite Facebook games. Don Mattrick was recruited by Zynga founder Mark Pincus personally.

Now Pincus will still be the chairman, chief product officer and controls 61% of the stock thanks to a two-tiered stock structure. Which brings up the questions who will really be in control of the company?

Well according to Reuters, Mattrick will be in charge of the day to day business and green-lighting new games.

My biggest question is the timing of everything, it may just be me, but it seems a little odd that he leaves this close after the pounding Microsoft and the Xbox took at E3. Is he really “leaving” or is he being forced to leave?

Also, what happens with Microsoft’s Xbox division? Some are saying that Steve Ballmer wants to create a “Devices” division that may include Xbox, Surface Tablets and maybe the Phones divisions.

For more info check out the article on Reuters.

Could a Live Action Zelda Movie Actually Work?

Now, those of us that were born in the 80′s will remember the god awful Super Mario Bros. movie. Ever since then, Nintendo hasn’t really been the most trusting of Hollywood, and many would say for good reason.

Most Video Game Movies have sucked, thank you Uwe Boll, however as a Kotaku article shows, some people are proving that a live action Zelda movie might actually work.

Now there’s no appearance of Zelda, but still a cool video.

Check it out here.

48 Announced Games so far for the PlayStation 4

PlayStation Exclusives are in bold. PlayStation And PC only Exclusives are in italics.

* Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
* Basement Crawl
* Battlefield 4
Blacklight: Retribution [Free-to-Play]
* Call of Duty: Ghosts
Carmageddon: Reincarnation
* Cyberpunk 2077
DC Universe Online [Free-to-Play]
* Deep Down
* Destiny
Destiny of Spirits
* Diablo III
* Doki-Doki Universe [Free-to-Play]
* Dying Light
* EA Sports UFC
* The Evil Within
* FIFA 14
* Final Fantasy (Untitled)
* Hohokum
* inFAMOUS: Second Son
Killzone: Shadow Fall
* Knack
* Lords of the Fallen
* Madden NFL 25
* NBA 2K14
* NBA Live 14
* Need for Speed Rivals
* The Pinball Arcade
* Planetside 2 [Free-to-Play]
* Primal Carnage: Genesis
* Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
* Shadow Warrior
* Silent Enemy
* Skylanders Swap Force
* Sniper Elite 3
* Super Motherload
* Super Stardust (Untitled)
* (Another Housemarque game in development)
* Thief
* Tiny Brains
* The Walking Dead: Season 2
* War Thunder: Ground Forces [Free-to-Play]
* Warframe [Free-to-Play]
* Watch Dogs
* The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
* The Witness
* Wolfenstein: The New Order

PlayStation 4 Information from E3

So yesterday both Microsoft and Sony had their keynote conferences yesterday. Early, and continued, reactions to the two is not going well for Microsoft. Thanks to their conference a couple weeks ago we know a bunch of details about the Xbox One (still hate that name) than we do the PS4. So here on Nerditronics we’re going to cover the PS4 announcements first, well that and I don’t like Microsoft, and I’m in charge of the blog!

First off, Sony went into full beast-mode in it’s attack on the Xbox One. If you’re squeamish, might want to look away now. NAW who am I kidding keep reading!

Sony’s first jab to the Xbox One is it’s price, at $399 (In Europe, it’ll be €399 and £349.) PS4 will be priced a full $100 cheaper than Microsoft’s offering. This is a very welcomed change to the $600 launch of the PlayStation 3, which for the record, yes I still paid it. Though it does not appear that this will include the new PlayStation Eye camera.

At the console launch in February Sony didn’t show the actual console, however at E3 they fixed that quickly. I’ll be honest, I’m not psyched about the look, granted it doesn’t look like an old boxy VCR like the Xbox One does, but it does look like an italicized original PS2.


The system will include a 500GB hard drive similar to the X1 (hate that name too), however they’ve already announced that it will be upgradeable similar to the original PS3′s.

Now here’s where it gets a little ugly for Microsoft.

Jack Tretton, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment America said, ”We’re equally focused on delivering what gamers want most, without imposing restrictions or devaluing their PS4 purchases.” Soon after this Sony start launching bombs that were not subtle at all.

Kotaku’s summary of what happened next said it best I think.

“PlayStation 4 won’t impose any new restrictions on the use of PS4 games.” Twenty-second applause break. “When a gamer buys a PS4 disc, they have the rights to use that copy of the game, they can trade in the game at retail, sell it to another person, lend it to a friend, or keep it forever.” Twenty-second applause break, with “Sony” chant.


“PlayStation 4 disc-based games don’t need to be connected online to play.” Twelve-second applause break. “If you enjoy playing singleplayer games offline, PS4 won’t require you to check in online periodically.” Eight-second applause break. “And it won’t stop working if you haven’t authenticated within 24 hours.” Ten-second applause break.

These were obviously directly aimed at Microsoft’s ‘clarifications’ the other day, which has not sat well with gamers. Sony knew this and played into it beautifully.

Now all the cheering and brownie-points that Sony gained with the last announcements made this next bit of news go off oddly well:

The PlayStation 4 will now charge for Online Multiplayer, unlike with the PS3. You can pay $50 for a year’s subscription ($4.17-ish per month). However you will get multiple free games for your subscription and it’s good for every PlayStation device.

Now obviously this is very early on, and both systems are VERY far from launch, both slated for Holidays 2013. But at this point if Microsoft backs out on their announced plans they’ll run the risk of dropping more face with the customers by admitting that Sony was “right”. Also there’s no saying that Sony won’t change their mind about certain things between now and then. However as it stands now, Sony is swinging for the fences and Microsoft is leaving itself open for every shot.

Now for one last shot at the Xbox One, Sony released the following video.