Final Fantasy Fans Upset at Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns

That’s right, Final Fantasy fans are expressing their displeasure, some extreme displeasure, at Square Enix. All because in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII sequel subtitled Lightning Returns, Lightning returns with a new set of boobs. Wait what???

So, I guess the director of FFXIII:LR (Sadly that’s the title abbreviated, kind of silly isn’t it?) thought that what the game really needed compared to the first Final Fantasy XIII was bigger boobs. Not you know… fixing the gripes that people had, which they are supposed to have done as too by the way.

Now Lightning was a very strong character in the first one, granted a little bitchy, but that’s the way she was. Honestly I’m reserving judgement on this until I play the game, if it’s just a boob job from C to D I don’t see the big deal unless they turned the character into a ditz or something. article for the picture and links to more details.

Cosplay from Cure Night

Hey everyone, sorry for not putting anything on the blog for a while. To make up for it, here’s some more Cosplay goodness from our friends in Japan. Thanks to Kotaku for the article and to 4Gamer for the pics.


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More to come soon!