Meet the Ubuntu Edge

Popular Linux OS Ubuntu is working on their own smart phone, the Ubuntu Edge. They’re currently trying to raise $32,000,000 to secure funding for the project. The phone will be able to boot up into Ubuntu OS or Android OS, and will have some majorly impressive stats.

Compared to the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4:

Ubuntu Edge Apple iPhone 5 Samsung Galaxy S4
Mobile OS Dual-boots Android and Ubuntu mobile iOS Android
Desktop OS Ubuntu Desktop No No
Internal storage 128GB 64GB 16GB
Screen 720 x 1,280, 4.5 inches 640 x 1,136, 4 inches 1,080 x 1,920, 5 inches
Protection Sapphire Glass Corning Gorilla Glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Connectivity Dual-LTE, GSM LTE, GSM LTE, GSM
Speakers Stereo Mono Mono
Battery Silicon-anode Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion
Price $780-830 $849* $750**

CPU/GPU, screen technology to be finalised before production. * Apple Store ** Best Buy


Only thing I can see that isn’t better than either the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 is the screen, but honestly on a 4.5 inch screen 720p is still pretty damn impressive.

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Samsung announces new tablets

Samsung has announced a few new tablets, confirming to The Verge that they will release a new 8-inch and a new 10.1-inch tablets.

Now the 8-inch tablet will have 1.5 GHz Exynos dual-core processor, WXGA TFT 1280 x 800 (189 PPI) display, 1.5GB of RAM, a 5-megapixel rear-facing and 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, a 4,450 mAh battery, and 16GB or 32GB of internal storage.

As we previously reported the new 10.1 inch tablet will be dropping their old ARM chips for  an Intel 1.6 GHz dual-core processor. It will also have 1280 x 800 (149 PPI) WXGA TFT display, 1GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, and a 6,800 mAh battery. However it will only have a 3-megapixel rear camera and the same 1.3 front camera.

They’ll both be available in June, no prices announced yet.

Check The Verge for the full story.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 to swap ARM chips for Intel

Reports are saying that Samsung will get rid of the Qualcomm ARM processors they’ve been using and will put in Intel’s Clover Trail+ chip.

On June 20th in London Samsung will hold an event to showcase some new tablets and phones. Haven’t heard for sure if the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 will be making an appearance there or not.

Check out the full article here.

3 Ways Microsoft Can Save Windows 8

Steve Heller at posted an article on April 27th, listing 3 ways Microsoft can save Windows 8. Now despite what some fanboys in denial *cough* Marshal *cough* will say, the fact of the matter is this – Windows 8 sales suck. It’s selling worse than Windows Vista did.

There we said it, it’s out in the open, now we can move to task at hand. And that is; How can Uncle Billy’s Magic Workshop fix their steaming pile of Metro?

According to Mr. Heller, step one is to kill Windows RT. Now for most techie people, Marshal and I included  Windows RT was never all that confusing, but for the average consumer it’s been a nightmare since launch. For those that don’t really know what RT is, it’s basically a version of Windows 8 that’s designed for “ARM” devices, such as the Microsoft Surface RT and ASUS VivoTab RT. Now the catch is, legacy Windows applications aren’t compatible with ARM, and thus cannot be used. So the average consumer, see’s this tablet and OS, that looks just like the one on their PC, but can’t run anything from their PC even though it looks sounds and reacts pretty much the exact same way.

To add to the confusion, there’s the Microsoft Surface Pro. Now this tablet/laptop-wannabe, is powered by a normal Intel i5 processor and not ARM, and thus does not run Windows RT, it runs a “full version” of Windows 8 Pro… which looks exactly the same from an average consumer’s point of view. From Microsoft’s website the Surface Pro is $899 and the Surface RT is $499, while I’m sure if you read every word on the pages it will explain all the differences and limitations, average consumers do not do that. They see “Oh this one is cheaper, gets better battery life, is thinner and looks the same.”


Next up Mr. Heller states that Microsoft needs to introduce a $200 tablet. The major thing that Windows 8 (not RT) based tablets have going for them, is that they can literally become a spur of the moment laptop. While my Gen. 1 Galaxy Tab 10.1 can get into Open Office and I can do some editing and such on there if I need to, it’s not fully realized simply because it’s running a different architecture. With Intel launching the new Bay Trail processors soon, we’ll see if Microsoft is able to make this happen.


The last thing Mr. Heller mentions is that they need to bring back the Start Menu. Bottom line with this is the Start Menu as we know it has been around for 17 years. That’s longer than most teenagers. The Start Menu has become Windows. I’m sorry, I know Microsoft wants to “innovate” and not be stuck in the same rut, but when people think of a Windows OS, they think Start button. In version 8.1 it’s rumored that they’ll introduce some bastardization of a Start button that simply routes you back to the Metro Interface (which for the record I HATE!). Which to me is kind of a slap in the face. It’s like Microsoft saying “Oh you guys want the Start Menu back? Oh OK, here’s the Start button back we’re sorry…” *User clicks on new Start button* “HA! Fooled you! it takes you right back to the interface you were trying to avoid! NO START FOR YOU!

Check out the full article here for Steve Heller’s opinions on the whole thing. 5 ways the Samsung Galaxy S4 stunned an iPhone user has an interesting article up. The author, an admitted iPhone lover who has used iPhone nearly exclusively since the first one launched, took a look at Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 and lists 5 things that jumped out at them after years of not truly giving Android a chance.

1. It does what I want it to do.

2. It can do several things at once.

3. The Galaxy’ S4′s internal camera app is brilliant.

4. More room for podcasts.

5. “Wait. You mean I can just replace the battery?”


I highly suggest visiting the page here and read the details of each point made. In the end, the author is still an avid iPhone user, however as they state they “ understand now why Apple needs to send out letters to its product owners reminding them why they bought their iPhone in the first place.”

LED Streetlamp To Improve View Of Stars

When I first moved to Denver, Colorado from the middle of nowhere Oklahoma where I grew up, one of the first things I realized was that I no longer had a very good view of the stars on a clear night. While this may not seem like a big deal to to some, but for someone who loved to lay out in the back yard and stare up at the stars at night, not having that available without a minimum 30 minute drive was more than disappointing.

Why does this happen you might be asking? Well to put it simply, it’s light pollution. Yes, I said light pollution. Every light, especially streetlamps in towns do not do a very good job of directing light where they actually want to go, so there’s a lot of light pollution. Because everything we see is light hitting the back of our eyes, the more pollution we have the less we can see from the sky. The graphic below shows a great example of what I’m talking about. I grew up with the night sky generally being halfway between number 3 and number 5 on the picture where as now I’m between 7 and 9.

Big deal you might be saying. There has been multiple news articles stating that in numerous inner cities, when they’ve had blackouts people were actually able to see hints of the Milkyway Galaxy (most likely around number 3 on the picture) and called 911 because they had no idea what it was and thought it was smoke and thought something exploded or some other emergency.

Fear not though! reports that researches from Mexico and Japan believe they’ve developed a new LED streetlamp design that will greatly lessen the light pollution of street lamps.

Read their article here.

Light Pollution Scale