Cosplay Update: Last of Kotaku’s of 2012

Hey everyone,

Just like we stated in last week’s show, I’m going to try to get some updates up every Tuesday at least. If anything comes up in the middle of the week I’ll still post it then instead of waiting.

Now, on to the update!

Kotaku had one more Cosplay update the other day. This has some good ones in there, a very cool Predator just chillin on a bench. Not to mention a big panoramic group Sailor Moon picture. And not to mention a Mass Effect cosplay with a person in a very nice looking set of N7 armor!

Last but not least a very well done Rikku from Final Fantasy X.


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Cosplay: Women of Batman!

Alright everyone, I got some more Cosplay for you today.

First up, we have a gallery from Kotaku featuring many different females from the Batman universe, some comic inspired, some from video games, other from movies. Check them out!

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She looks a little Itchy, think she needs help scratching?

Cosplay: Massive Mass Effect Meetup

Let’s hope this post doesn’t break the freaking blog…

A while ago at PAX, the Bioware booth took pictures of all the best Mass Effect Cosplayers. In one picture they see just how many Commander Shepards it takes to take out one Kai Leng. According to Kotaku, “apparently, it’s seven, with the help of Legion, Joker, EDI, Kasumi, and three Tali’Zorahs.”

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From Kotaku: