Kepler Repeat

As I stated on Facebook the other day, Time and ABC News is finally catching up to the awesome investigative reporting found right here at Nerditronics and reporting on the troubles with the amazing Kepler space telescope.

I won’t rehash everything that’s going on with Kepler as the article before goes over it all and it’s just a few posts down. But short version is it needs 4 wheels to work, one died before and another is failing. Article Article

What Might Alien Life Look Like on New ‘Water World’ Planets? has an article about a few planets that were announced that are in the ‘habitable zone’ of the star, which is the area that’s just far enough from the star to be able to contain liquid water. The planets were discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope and are called Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f. Unfortunately the system is over 1200 light-years away which means we won’t be going there anytime soon.

Based on computer models the systems may be covered in continuous oceans, meaning that they’re the best chance of extraterrestrial life.

Check out the article here.