Korean Restaurant is a Nerd Paradise


That’s right, a Restaurant in Korea is a Nerd Haven, and for once I’m not going to post scantily clad cosplay chicks!

I can’t even describe this place, it has SO much nerd stuff in it, full size Terminator replicas, countless other action figures and so much more.

You must check out the Kotaku.com article and the pictures they have, click the one below to see the article.

Nerdery on an EPIC scale!

Cosplay: Massive Mass Effect Meetup

Let’s hope this post doesn’t break the freaking blog…

A while ago at PAX, the Bioware booth took pictures of all the best Mass Effect Cosplayers. In one picture they see just how many Commander Shepards it takes to take out one Kai Leng. According to Kotaku, “apparently, it’s seven, with the help of Legion, Joker, EDI, Kasumi, and three Tali’Zorahs.”

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From Kotaku:



Popular Pipe Dream Pop Singers in Japan

Wait what???

Yes that’s my right my friends, our crazy awesome Japanese┬ábrethren┬ádon’t require the singer to actually be REAL to love them!

Kotaku (obviously one of my favorite sites) has a good article and gallery about a number of Pop Singers in Japan that are very popular yet completely fake. The majority of these singers, started out as an anime, manga or video game character yet have as Kotaku states “transcended their fictional format” to become popular in the real world.

Check out the gallery to read a bit about the characters and view a clip of each.

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Cosplay from Cure Night

Hey everyone, sorry for not putting anything on the blog for a while. To make up for it, here’s some more Cosplay goodness from our friends in Japan. Thanks to Kotaku for the article and to 4Gamer for the pics.


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More to come soon!