$7.2 Billion Later And Microsoft Is Now A Device Company

Microsoft is buy Nokia’s mobile device business for a whopping $7.2 billion (5.44 billion euros), that will bring Microsoft CEO contender Stephen Elop back into the Microsoft hive.

Current Nokia CEO Elop ran Microsoft’s Software Division up until he left, for Nokia, in 2010. Because of this many Finnish media outlets have labeled him a Trojan Horse and that this was planned all along as Elop presided over Nokia’s Market Collapse and it’s slow sad decline since.

There is a ton more info in the full article but, my take on this is:

Microsoft will have to be very careful moving forward with this. Nokia hasn’t been a power in the mobile devices market for some time now. One has to wonder if being made by Microsoft will really change the fact that Samsung, HTC and Apple own the mobile device market. Granted that Big-M will give a huge influx of new assets (money) and talent (people).

We’ll all have to wait and see what will happen as Microsoft tries to become a gadget and service company instead of the software, or what ever they claim to be now.

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Windows Phone Going with the Dodo?

Forbes reports that the Windows phone is failing to gain traction in the competitive Mobile Phone OS market. While globally the Nokia Lumia set records with 7.4 million sold world wide in the quarter, it doesn’t hide the fact that it’s only sold 500,000 in North America.Also that prices dropped 20%, it appears that Nokia has dropped the price to spur sales.

Windows Phone seems to be gaining slightly in the low end phone market, however doesn’t seem to be gaining anything in the high end phones, which is dominated by the iPhone and Android. It appears that both Nokia and Windows Phone OS are at a crossroads.

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