Kepler Repeat

As I stated on Facebook the other day, Time and ABC News is finally catching up to the awesome investigative reporting found right here at Nerditronics and reporting on the troubles with the amazing Kepler space telescope.

I won’t rehash everything that’s going on with Kepler as the article before goes over it all and it’s just a few posts down. But short version is it needs 4 wheels to work, one died before and another is failing. Article Article

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Rocket Test

Virgin Galactic has successfully tested their SpaceShipTwo rocket. While there hasn’t been much news about them the past couple years what with SpaceX and the like stealing the thunder with the cargo contracts with NASA, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipOne actually won the¬†Ansari X Prize worth $10 Million for the first privately developed piloted spacecraft.

What does all this mean you may ask? Well this is one of the biggest milestones in the long and hard path for Virgin Galactic to begin providing commercial suborbital service from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

If anyone wants to take notes now, I will accept a paid trip on a Virgin Galactic flight as a present. Just sayin’.


Check out full article and a few videos on

NASA TV – Mars Rover Landing Tonight!

In about 10 hours (11:30pm MDT) from now the newest robotic rover will land on Mars! You can watch live on NASA TV and see the entire event! There is a ton of information on the NASA website which details all aspects of this new rover and what they plan to do with it over the next 2 years.

Streaming video by Ustream